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About Nerd Swag



The first thing I want to say is thank you to all the incredibly awesome people I've met while playing Magic and hanging out in game stores.  The people in the gaming community are truly what make playing so much fun and I've always enjoyed seeing the same familiar faces at FNM or other big events over the years. You know who you are, 'sup nerds!

I also want to give a huge thank you to everybody who is taking the time to support Nerd Swag just by being here!  Like I mentioned in my Kickstarter video, this is literally a dream come true for me to launch this project so I'm super appreciative of everybody who's helping spread the word! 

I've made it Nerd Swag's founding principle to embrace what makes us as "nerds" unique and make it our own.  And if I've learned anything from getting to know some really great people while playing Magic, it's that we're all so different, yet something as simple as a game gives us something in common and I think that's pretty cool.  

If you're reading this and you play a different trading card game, tabletop, board game, etc., I know we all have that special place in our hearts for our local game stores and all the friends we've made thanks to those places so thanks to y'all too for helping keep the nerd community going.  And for those that are just here because you like what's goin' on, then thanks for that too, truly!  I got nothin' but love for y'all...matter of fact, I got your back.


Kegan McMullan,

Founder - Nerd Swag